19 December 2016

Disadvantages of diesel engine

A petrol engine is an internal combustion engine made for converting heat into mechanical energy which is generated by spark ignition of petrol. Generally, petrol and air are usually mixed after compression stroke. There are four strokes in two revolutions of the piston such as suction, compression, expansion and exhaust. Let us have a deep insight into the disadvantages provided by the petrol engine. 

Disadvantages of diesel engine :

  • Operating noise.
  • Diesel engine employs a higher compression ratio so they must build stronger than the standard petrol engine it makes them heavier and bit more expensive to build.
  • Poor cold-weather starting.
  • The diesel-powered engine is costlier than the petrol one.
  • Not sending the heat out the tailpipe.
  • Repairing charge ( fuel injection breakdown ) is high than the petrol engine.
  • Not high-speed performance as petrol cars.
  • Increased demand for diesel creating high competition.
  • The diesel engine is slower than Petrol ones.
  • Need to change the oil, air, fuel filters.
  • Need regular maintenance.
  • No flashy high-speed performance as petrol cars.
  • Some vehicles require manual emptying of water separators.