19 December 2016

Disadvantages of petrol engine

A petrol engine is an internal combustion engine made for converting heat into mechanical energy which is generated by spark ignition of petrol. Generally, petrol and air are usually mixed after compression stroke. There are four strokes in two revolutions of the piston such as suction, compression, expansion and exhaust. Let us have a deep insight into the disadvantages provided by the petrol engine. 

Disadvantages of petrol engine :

  • Torque is less and pulling power is less as compare to a diesel engine.
  • Less mileage.
  • Consume a high amount of fuel while running on low RPM.
  • Overtaking might seem trouble without gear changing as torque output is less.
  • Overall fuel efficiency is less as compared to a diesel engine.
  • The service requirement is frequent.
  • Less durability and strength (up to 150000 miles).