25 January 2017

Advantages of turbocharger

A turbocharger is the mechanical device that increases the flow of air in the engine, runs on waste exhaust gasses or we can say that it derives its energy from exhaust gasses that usually get wasted in the naturally aspirated engine. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages provided by the turbocharger. 

Advantages of the turbocharger :

  • The most obvious advantage of getting a turbocharged engine in your vehicle is that you are going to have a much faster, much more powerful ride.
  • The maximum power of the engine with a great turbocharger increased by 40% or more compared with a supercharger system without the turbocharger.
  • Turbochargers can spin much faster.
  • Superchargers are parasitic, they eat parts of power produced by an engine.
  • Most turbochargers are electronically driven to eliminate turbo lag.
  • Turbochargers recycle energy produced by engines by transforming more exhaust gas energy into power output with lower thermal and frictional losses.
  • Turbochargers supplied more air mass into the engine's combustion chamber so the combustion is easier, plain and also emission is lower. As a result, the turbocharged diesel engines have about 50 per cent lower CO2 and NOx emissions compared to naturally aspirated engines.
  • Turbochargers delivered more power output, which transforms in improvement vehicle’s performance on a road and makes driving enjoyable.
  • The turbocharger itself acts as an additional silencer.