25 January 2017

Advantages of rear wheel drive

The most common layout for a rear-wheel-drive is the car mounted longitudinally with the engine and transmission at the front of the car. Some other rear-wheel-drive car layouts include front-mid, rear-mid and rear engines. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages of cars mounted with real wheel drive. 

Advantages of rear-wheel drive :

  • Better weight balance and distribution.
  • Better acceleration.
  • Better mass distribution front to rear axles.
  • Better road holding and stopping.
  • No torque steer.
  • Better ride and feel.
  • Better serviceability.
  • Costs are reduced because manufacturing is simple as compared to FWD. 
  • Steering and traction are not through the same front wheels thus better tire life. 
  • Traction capacity increases as you accelerate because the rear wheel is the dynamic weight transfer.
  • RWD car accelerates faster than an FWD.
  • Less costly and easier maintenance.
  • Rear-wheel drive puts the wheels which are pulling the load closer to the point where a trailer articulates, helping to steer, especially for large loads.
  • Better handling in dry condition.
  • More predictable steering in low traction condition. 
  • Possible to turn them further than would be front-wheel drive resulting in a smaller steering radius. 
  • Weight transfer during acceleration.