30 January 2017

Lathe machine cutting tools

There are different types of cutting tool used for various operation performed on a lathe machine.
For a general purpose work, the tool used in the lathe is a single point cutting tool.
For special-purpose operations, multi-point cutting tool may be used.

Nomenclature of single point cutting tool :

Single point cutting tool nomenclature

Various single point cutting tool used for different operation it classified under the following groups.

  • According to the method of manufacturing the tool :
Forged tool
Tipped tool brazed to the carbon steel shank
Tipped tool fastened mechanically to the carbon steel shank

  • According to the method of holding the tool :
Solid tool
Tool bit inserted in the tool holder

  • According to the method of using the tool :
Thread cutting
Internal thread cutting

  • According to the method of applying feed :
Right hand
Left hand
Round nose

All tool having a different shape and size so the main question is how to identify the right tool for that problem all tool have different cutting tool signature according to that the tool may be identified and select appropriately.