30 January 2017

Carriage in lathe machine


The carriage is located between the headstock and tailstock and serves the purpose of supporting, guiding and feeding the tool against the job during operation. The main parts of carriage are:

The saddle is an H-shaped casting mounted on the top of lathe ways. It provides support to cross-slide, compound rest and tool post.

The cross slide is mounted on the top of the saddle, and it provides a mounted or automatic cross-movement for the cutting tool.

The compound rest is fitted on the top of the cross slide and is used to support the tool post and the cutting tool.

The tool post is mounted on the compound rest, and it rigidly clamps the cutting tool or tool holder at the proper height relative to the work centre line.

The apron is fastened to the saddle and it houses the gears, clutches and levers required to move the carriage or cross slide. The engagement of split nut lever and the automatic feed lever at the same time is prevented she carriage along the lathe bed.
Carriage is one of the main parts of the lathe machine.