28 February 2017

Advantages of hydraulic shaper

Shaper is a type of machine which, using hydraulic power, provide linear relative motion between the workpiece and single-point cutting tool to a linear path. Under high pressure, oil is pumped into the piston-fitted operating cylinder. This machine gives the following advantages. 

Advantages of hydraulic shaper : 

  • The cutting speed and return speed of this shaper is practically constant throughout the stroke thus work done is uniform during the cutting stroke.
  • The reversal of the ram is obtained quickly without any shock as the oil on the other end of the cylinder provides cushioning effect.
  • An infinite number of cutting speeds may be obtained and its control is also easier. speed range varies from zero to the maximum value.
  • Because of the high rate of return speed, a greater number of cutting strokes may be available within the range of cutting speed.
  • The relief valve ensures safety to the tool and the machine when the machine is overloaded.
  • Wide range of speed can achieve by controlling the fluid flow rate to shaper ram. 
  • Shock and vibration levels can reduce. 
  • Higher load-carrying capacity. 
  • Fluid on both sides of the ram provides a cushioning effect. 
  • Highly efficient.