28 February 2017

Advantages of vertical boring machine over lathe machine

The vertical boring machine may be looked like a vertical lathe with its headstock resting on the floor and its large faceplate or chuck lying in a horizontal plane. This specified vertical boring machine design offers some advantages over a lathe machine. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages below. 

Advantages of a vertical boring machine :

  • Large diameter and heavy workpiece may be set up more conveniently and quickly than on lathe machine.
  • The table and the work it carries rotate in a horizontal plane, and there is no overhang as in the lathe spindle, and any chance of bending the spindle which supports the heavy workpiece is eliminated.
  • The diameter of the table may be designed as large as possible to support large workpieces.
  • Multiple tooling may be adapted in case of a vertical boring machine with its turret type tool post, as a result, increasing the rate of production.