17 February 2017

Application of laser beam machining

Laser beam machining applications :

  • Suitable for exceptional cases like machining very small holes and cutting complex profiles in a thin and hard material like ceramics.
  • Sheet metal trimming, blanking and resistor trimming.
  • Used in mass micromachining production, not for mass material removal.
  • Used in partial cutting or engraving.
  • To drilling micro holes in turbine engine blades.
  • In both soft and hard materials cutting.
  • Scribing of any material.
  • Patterning displays of all glass and plastic wafers and chips.
  • Can be used for dynamic balance of rotating parts.
  • Welding of non-conductive and refractory material.
  • Jewellers also use laser welding on delicate pieces of jewellery.
  • Laser beams perform intricate cuts in plastic.