8 February 2017

Care for drilling machine

For the long life of drilling machine care of drilling machine must be required. Following points should be required to take care of the drilling machine while performing the drilling process.
  • Lubrication is important because of the heat and friction generated by the moving parts. For lubrication follow the manufacturer’s manual for proper lubrication methods. 
  • Clean each machine after use. 
  • Clean T-slots, grooves and dirt from belts and pulleys. 
  • Remove chips after drilling to avoid damage to moving parts. 
  • Wipe all spindles and sleeves free of grit to avoid damaging the precision fit. 
  • Put oil on all unpainted surfaces to prevent rust. 
  • Operate all machines with care to avoid overworking the electric motor.

Special Care :

Operations under adverse conditions require special care. 

If machines are operated under extremely dusty conditions. Operate at the slowest speeds to avoid rapid abrasive wear on the moving parts and lubricate the machines more often. Under extreme cold conditions, start the machines at a slow speed and allow the parts and lubricants to warm up before increasing the speeds. 

Metal becomes very brittle in extreme cold. so do not strike the machines with hard tools. Extreme heat may cause the motor to overheat. or keep on and off the operations to keep the motor running cool.