8 February 2017

Drilling machine safety

Drilling machines are one of the more dangerous hand-operated machines so we have to take care before the accident is necessary. Safety procedures during drilling operations will help eliminate accidents, loss of time, and materials.

It is necessary that no damage is done to the operator, the machine tool and the cutting tool. To ensure this, the following points are to be remembered :

  • The work should not be held by hand use a holding device to hold the workpiece. 
  • Use proper work holding device to hold the work because in drilling machine work tend to rotate along with the drill so it cause damage to the operator.
  • Never make any adjustments while the machine is operating. 
  • The shank of the drill should be cleaned before it is fitted this will leads to the breakage of a drill.
  • Use a brush to clean away chips, not by your hand.
  • Keep all loose clothing away from turning tools. 
  • Make sure that the cutting tools are running straight before starting the operation.
  • Never place any tools on the drilling tables. 
  • Care should be taken to ensure whether the belt and gears are connected properly.
  • Keep all guards in place while operating. 
  • Ease up on the feed as the drill breaks through the work to avoid damaged tools or workplaces.
  • Remove all chuck keys and wrenches before operating. 
  • Always wear eye protection while operating any drilling machines.

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