8 February 2017

How to use drilling machine?

A drilling machine is a piece of equipment specifically designed to cut holes in metal, wood, plastic or other materials.

A drilling machine is very useful for many projects because they are more stable and reliable than power drills.

Before using of drilling machine some points keep in mind. points are below :
  • Selecting a drill bit for a drilling machine
  • Setting a speed on a drilling machine
  • Adjust the height of the table on the drilling machine
  • Adjust the depth of the desired hole
  • Secure the material
  • Wear proper safety gear

After that turn on the machine using the on/off switch, then rotate the control handle to lower the drill bit into the workpiece. 

Slowly advance the spindle downward to drill the hole. 

If the hole is greater than four times the width of the drill bit, it is advisable to briefly pull the drill bit clear of the workpiece. and if the hole is smaller take care while first time pulls the drill bit.

This allows excess shavings and chips to escape before proceeding then return the spindle to the starting position and turn the power off.