15 March 2017

Advantage and disadvantage of woodruff key

Woodruff keys are semi-circular in shape, leaving a protruding tab when installed. A semi-circular pocket is a keyway in the shaft, the mating part is a longitudinal slot. They are used to improve the concentration of the shaft and the mating part, which is essential for operation at high speed. Let us have a deep insight into the pros and cons of woodruff key in this article. 

Advantages of woodruff key :

  • It can be used on the tapered shaft because it can align by slight rotation in the seat.
  • The extra depth of key in the shaft prevents its tendency to slip over the shaft.

Disadvantages of woodruff key :

  • The extra depth of keyways in the shaft increases stress concentration and reduces its strength.
  • The key does not permit axial movement between the shaft and the hub.