16 March 2017

What is coupling

This article is all about couplings and different types of coupling.

Coupling :

What is coupling?

Answer :

  • A coupling can be defined as a mechanical device that permanently joins two rotating shafts to each other.
In other words, the coupling is a device for connecting parts of machinery.

The most common application of coupling is joining of shafts of two separately built or purchased units so that new machine can be formed.

Clutch and coupling doing work for the same purpose but the main difference between them is coupling is permanent connection while the clutch can connect or disconnect two shafts at the will of the operator.

The shafts to be connected by the coupling may have col-linear axes, intersecting axis or parallel axis with a small distance in between depending upon that different coupling are used.

Oldham coupling is used to connect two parallel shafts when they are at a small distance apart.

Hooke's coupling is used to connect two shafts having intersecting axes.

The axis is co-linear or in the same line, rigid or flexible coupling are used.