10 March 2017

Advantages of friction clutch

A friction clutch transmits the power by means of friction developed between contacting surfaces. The friction surface is flat and perpendicular to the axis of rotation. Single plate and multi-plate, centrifugal clutches and cone clutches are an example of this type of clutch. Now, let us have a deep insight into the advantages provided by a friction clutch. 

Advantages of friction clutch :

  • The engagement is smooth.
  • Power loss and consequent heat generation do not create problems because of slip occur only during engaging operation.
  • Once the clutch is engaged, there is no slip between the contacting surface.
  • Friction clutch serves as a safety device.
  • In friction clutch wear is low.
  • Capable of transmitting partial power. 
  • Minimum shock during the engagement. 
  • Easy to operate.