11 March 2017

Advantages of threaded joints

Threaded joints are widely used in mechanical assemblies its been like 60% of the parts have made by threads. Some advantages are due to the popularity of threaded joints.
Let us have a deep insight into the advantages provided by threaded joint below. 

Advantages of threaded joints : 

  • Threaded joints are reliable joints no loosening of the parts that are held together by means of large clamping force.
  • The parts are assembled using a spanner and the spanner length is large compared to the thread radius, so the mechanical advantages are greater and the force required to tighten the joint is small.
  • It has small overall dimensions resulting in a compact construction.
  • The threads are self-locking in order to place them in any position (also vertical, horizontal or inclined).
  • For the threaded components, high accuracy can be maintained.
  • Manufacturing of thread is very simple.
  • The thread can be easily detached when needed in threaded joints.