6 March 2017

Application of plain carbon steel

Depending upon the percentage of carbon, plain carbon steels are classified into the following category :
  1. Low carbon steel
  2. Medium carbon steel
  3. High carbon steel
Some of the important application of plain carbon steel is following below.

Applications of plain carbon steel :

  1. 7C4 used for components made by severe drawing operation such as automobile bodies and hoods.
  2. 10C4 used for case hardened components such as cams and cam shafts, gudgeon pin, sprocket and spindle.
  3. 30C8 used for cold-formed and case hardened parts such as a socket, tie road, yoke, lever and rocker arm.
  4. 40C8 used for transmission shaft, crank shaft, connecting road, bolts
  5. 45C8 used for machine tool spindle, transmission shaft, bolts and gears of large dimensions
  6. 50C4 used for transmission shaft,, worms, gears and cylinders.
  7. 55C8 used for components with moderate wear resistance such as gears, cam, sprocket, cylinder and key.
  8. 60C4 used for machine tool spindle, hardened bolt and pinion.
  9. 65C6 used to make coil and leaf spring.