28 March 2017

Difference between addition polymerization and condensation polymerization

There are mainly two types of polymerization. Let us check it out both below. 

What is Addition polymerization?

It is a reaction that produced a product, which is an exact multiple of the original monomeric molecule.
It is also called a chain polymerization.

  • It requires two like molecule. 
  • Kinetic long linear chain reaction.
  • Very fast reaction time. 
  • The polymer produced thermoplastic.
  • Example - Polythene, Orlon

What is Condensation polymerization?

It is a reaction occurring between simple polar group-containing monomers with the formation of polymer and eliminating of small molecules like water and HCL etc.

  • It requires two, unlike molecule. 
  • Intermolecular reaction. 
  • Slow reaction time. 
  • Chemo setting plastic produced. 
  • Example - Decron, Bakelite, Nylon 6
Let us have a deep insight into the difference between addition and condensation polymerization. 

Difference : 

  • In addition polymerization, only growth reaction adds repeating units one at a time to the chain while in condensation polymerization any two molecular species present can react.
  • The number of units decreases steadily throughout the reaction in case of addition polymerization while monomer disappears early in reaction in case of condensation polymerization.
  • In case of additional polymerization, a high molecular mass polymer is formed at once, while in the case of condensation polymerization, polymer molecular mass rises steadily throughout the reaction.
  • Longer reaction times have a little effect on molecular-weight but give higher yields in case of addition polymerization while in case of condensation polymerization to obtain high molecular-weight and longer reaction time is essential.
  • The reaction mixture contains only monomers, high polymers and about 10-8part of growing chains in case of addition polymerization while all type of molecular species is present at any stage in case of condensation polymerization.