7 March 2017

Ergonomic consideration in design

First of all, before we go to the point where the ergonomic used in the design of the machine. We should know first what is ergonomic?

Ergonomics :

Ergonomics is defined as the relationship between man and machine and the application of anatomical and physiological to solve the problems arising from the man-machine relationship.

The word ergonomics comes from the two Greek words :
Ergon means work and Nomos means Natural laws.

So we see above Ergonomics means the natural laws of work.

In the following design concentration ergonomics study are important :
  • Design of hand levers and handwheels.
  • The layout of instrument dials and displays panels for accurate perception by the operators.
  • Anatomical factors in the design of a driver's seat.
  • Energy expenditure in hand and foot operations.
  • Lighting, noise and climatic conditions in the machine environment.
  • The ergonomics applied during the design phase of this door assures the easy and correct use, without any harms to the driver.
We have seen above how ergonomics must be present at all stages of development of a project. 
In short, we must emphasize the understanding and the contribution of ergonomics to the management of the design. You have considered ergonomics as part of the whole design process.