14 March 2017

Front wheel drive vs Rear wheel drive

In this article we have to look out for what was actually a front wheel drive and rear wheel drive
what is the difference between them and comparison between them as a price wise performance wise etc. 
Most of the car buyer's in today scenario first think about what car to buy in this article they have clear their confusion and buy according to their need.

Front wheel drive :

FWD is the vehicle where the motor drives only the front wheels of a car. 

Now a days most of the car manufacturers offers front wheel drive because it is cheap and easy to design and also light weight as it is devoid of extra transmission and axle assemblies..

Rear wheel drive :

RWD is the vehicle where the motor drives only the rear wheels of a car. 

In rear wheel drive an engine in front it connected to a transmission then power to rear-axel via driveshaft which drives the rear wheels.

Now we have to discuss normal priorities like space, fuel economy, price and easier drive ability, efficiency.

Space :
In front the space is same but in the back, front wheel drive trumps rear wheel drive because of the high transmission tunnel which makes seating three in the back a hard and uncomfortable thing to do. 

Fuel Economy :
Front wheel drive cars have better economy because there is less power lost in transferring the power from engine to the wheels.
But now with the help of technology rear wheel drive cars are closing the gap.

Price :
It's just easier to built front wheel drive cars because everything is so nearby the engine.
So front wheel drive vehicles are mostly cheaper than that of the rear wheel drive vehicle.

Efficiency : 
FWD cars have less weight & thus better mileage due to no drive shaft. 
Also a transverse motor & transmission eliminates a gearing transfer, again reducing weight & friction because of that the FWD are better efficiency. 

Drive ability :

If you are a calm driver the front wheel drive is for you.
If you are a speed lover kind of driver then I would suggest Rear wheel drive because if you drive a front wheel drive car hard then it cause understeers which means that your steering is now turned fully to go left or right direction but you are still ploughing forward in the same direction.
But in case of RWD if you were driving car and you drive its up to limits it may or may not oversteer which means that your cars end is coming out of the perfect apex line depending on the amount of power you have.

Oversteer is controllable &

Understeer is not 

So for we can see above both cars can understeer but there is more probability of it being a front wheel drive car.
And after I have said that it also means that both cars oversteer too.

So for calm driver go for front wheel drive 
Harsh driver go for rear wheel drive. 

But depending on how good you drive and if you need the rest of the things mentioned above.

Verdict on what car you buy : 
A normal car that sees everyday use, a front wheel drive car (FWD) is a much better choice.
FWD cars feature better packaging of its components so this cars allowing more room for passenger comfort and cargo. FWD cars also tend to be lighter and use smaller more fuel efficient engines. 
So if you look for family cars you can go for front wheel drive.

If you are speed lover a rear wheel drive or (RWD) car offers better performance dynamics for the driving enthusiast then you can go for rear wheel drive.

A front wheel drive is better for a normal car.
A rear wheel drive car is capable of powerful pickup.

More important thing is you can drift the car if you want so and it is used in sports car.
Performance wise it is better than FWD. 

Depending upon the pros and cons you also make out you confusion easily : 
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