25 April 2017

Advantages of liquid cooling system

The liquid cooling system takes away the excessive heat generated in the engine and saves it from overheating. It also keeps the engine at working temperature for efficient and economical working. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages provided by using this liquid cooling system. 

Advantages of the liquid cooling system :

  • The compact design of engines with an appreciably smaller frontal area is possible.
  • The fuel consumption of the high compression liquid-cooled engine is lower than that of the air-cooled engine.
  • Because of even cooling of cylinder barrel and head due to jacketing makes it possible to reduce the cylinder head and valve seat temperature.
  • Installation is not necessarily at the front of the mobile vehicles, aircraft as the cooling system can be conveniently located wherever required. This is not the case in the air-cooled engine.
  • The size of engines does not involve serious problems as far as the design of a cooling system is concerned.
  • In case of air-cooled engines particularly in high horsepower, range difficulty is encountered in the circulation of requisite quantity of air for cooling purposes.