20 April 2017

Requirements of an fuel injection system

For a proper running and good performance from the engine, fuel injection system must be required. Nowadays there are different types of fuel injection system is used according to the need of the manufacturer.
The following requirements must be needed to injection system :

  • Accurate metering of the fuel injected per cycle because metering errors may cause variation from the desired output. The quantity of the fuel metered varies to meet changing speed and load requirements of the engine.
  • Timing the injection of the fuel correctly in the cycle so that maximum power is obtained ensuring fuel economy and clean burning.
  • Proper control over the rate of injection so that the desired heat-release pattern is achieved during combustion.
  • Proper automization of fuel into very fine droplets.
  • Proper spray pattern to ensure a rapid mixture of fuel and air.
  • Fuel droplets distribution in the combustion chamber must be uniform.
  • To supply equal quantities of metered fuel to all cylinders in case of a multi-cylinder engine.
  • No lag during the beginning and end of injection.