4 April 2017

The size of drilling machine

Size of a drilling machine :

The drilling machine size varies with the different types of the machine being considered.

A portable drilling machine is specified by the maximum diameter of the drill that it can hold.

The sensitive and upright drilling machines are specified by the diameter of the largest piece that can be centred under the spindle. This is a case of a 600 mm size upright drilling machine, the spindle placed at a distance is slightly greater than 300 mm from the front face of the column.

The size of the radial drilling machine is specified by the diameter of the column and length of the arm. Other particulars such as maximum drilling radius, minimum drilling radius, spindle speeds and feeds etc. 

To specify a drilling machine fully further particulars such as the maximum size of drill that the machine can operate, table diameter, the maximum spindle travel, numbers of spindle speeds and feeds available.