6 April 2017

Type of milling cutter

Different types of milling cutters are used in milling operation performed on a milling machine. so let we know first what is milling cutters?

The milling cutter is revolving tools having one or many cutting edges of identical form equally spaced on the circumference of the cutter. The cutting elements are called teeth which intermittently engages the work piece and remove material by relative movement of the work piece and cutter. 

Types of milling cutters :

1. According to constructional features of the cutter :

  • Solid cutter
  • Tipped solid cutter
  • Inserted teeth cutter
2. According to the relief characteristics of the cutter teeth :
  • Profile relieved cutter
  • Form relieved cutter
3. According to the methods of mounting the cutter :
  • Arbor type cutter
  • Shank type cutter
  • Facing type cutter
4. According to the direction of rotation of the cutter :
  • Right-hand rotational cutter
  • Left-hand rotational cutter
5. According to the direction of a helix of the cutter teeth :
  • Parallel or straight teeth cutter
  • Right-hand helical cutter
  • Left-hand helical cutter
  • Alternate helical teeth cutter
6. According to the purpose or use of cutter :
  • Standard milling cutter
  • Special milling cutter 
There are many other different types of standard milling cutters. They are classified below : 

1. Plain milling cutter 
  • Light duty plain milling cutter
  • Heavy-duty plain milling cutter
  • Helical plain milling cutter
2. Side milling cutter 
  • Plain side milling cutter
  • Staggered teeth side milling cutter
  • Half side milling cutter
  • Interlocking side milling cutter
3. Metal slitting saw 
  • Plain metal slitting saw
  • Staggered teeth metal slitting saw
4. Angle milling cutter
  • Single angle milling cutter
  • Double angle milling cutter
5. End mill
  • Taper shank end mill
  • Straight shank end mill
  • Shell end mill
6. T-slot milling cutter

7. Woodruff key slot milling cutter

8. Fly cutter

9. Formed cutter