25 January 2017

Milling machine lubrication

Lubrication is necessary for all the machine for the long life of the machine. Here we can see that the lubrication system of the milling machine and various lubricants use in the different parts of milling machine.

Maintaining your milling machine is one of the keys to prolonging its life as well as maintaining good finishes. Although lubricating the machine can take up a bit of time, the cost savings are will pay off in the long run as it is very expensive to fix a milling machine due to a lack of preventative maintenance.

List of lubricants following below :

List of lubricants

longevity is largely determined by the lubrication of milling machine lubrication. 
Lubricants must be in strict accordance with the requirements of milling lubrication, the oil should be clean, no acid, no water and durum and so on. Recommended N46 oil. 

Vertical milling machine should be lubricated three times per months and one time per half a years after the use of 3 years.
Guideway ball screw, etc should be lubricated 4 times per day, done by every shift in the day and night.

Other parts required lubrication is equipped with oil cups, filling each class at least four times per day