30 May 2021

Milling machine use

What is a milling machine used for?

The milling machine is the machine used by the manufacturing industry that uses a multipoint cutting tool for removing a layer of material in form of grooves from the surface of the workpiece. 

The milling machine is generally used for the design of metal and some other materials. The milling machine not only mill vertically downward and create a hole but also installed in the side of the tool and used for shaping the edges. 

Tasks performed on milling machine:

With the use of a milling machine, many tasks can be performed such as drilling, cutting, planning, keyway and slot cutting, engraving, routing, rebating etc. If you really want a machine that can fulfil every demand of you, especially when it comes to metal, then the milling machine should be the perfect solution for you.  


We can use one or more cutters that can be mounted simultaneously on the arbour of the milling machine. Also, in many application, the milling machine has even replaced shaper machine and slotter machine due to higher accuracy and production rate. 

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