23 May 2017

Applications of adsorption

Applications of adsorption :

  • Activated charcoal is used in gas masks in which all undesirable or toxic gases are observed selectively by charcoal, while purified air passes through its pores. 
  • Activated charcoal is used for removing colouring matter of sugar solution and the decolouration of vinegar. 
  • Silica and Alumina gels are used as an adsorbent for removing moisture and for controlling humidities of room. Silica Gel has been employed for drying air, used in blast surfaces.
  • Charcoal adsorption filters are used for removing organic matter from drinking water.
  • Selective adsorption by alumina, magnesia has been used for separating different pigments by adsorption chromatography. 
  • During arsenic poisoning, colloidal fabric hydroxide is administered. The letter absorbs the arsenic poison and retails it can thus be removed from the body by vomiting. 
  • Fuller's earth is used in large quantities for refining petroleum and vegetable oil due to its good adsorption capacity for unwanted materials. 
  • The phenomenon of adsorption is useful in heterogeneous catalysis Example: contact process, Haber's process, hydro generation of oils based on the adsorption process. 
  • Adsorption the process is used in the production of a vacuum by using activated charcoal in dewar's flask.
  • Lake test for Al+ Lake test for Al+3 is based upon adsorption of litmus colour by Al(OH)3 precipitate. 
  • Mordants used in Dying cloth, adsorb the dye particles, which otherwise, do not speak to the clothes.