22 May 2017

Disadvantages of chain drive

A chain drive is positive drives, so the velocity ratio remains constant and no-slip occurs, making it suitable mainly for the shorter centre distance. The chain drive is a way of mechanical power transmission mainly used in a motorcycle. Let us check some disadvantages of a chain drive in this article. 

Disadvantages of a chain drive : 

  • It is heavier as compared to belt drive.
  • In chain drive, both driving and driven shafts are perfectly inclined.
  • It requires accurate mounting and good lubrication.
  • Higher initial cost because production cost for the chain is high.
  • Weight of a chain is high and if the chain is dry it becomes noisy.
  • Lubrication of its parts is required.
  • There are gradual stretching and an increase in the length of chains. Some of its links need to be removed from time to time.