22 May 2017

Advantages of chain drive

A chain drive is positive drives, so the velocity ratio remains constant and no-slip occurs, making it suitable mainly for the shorter centre distance. The chain drive is a way of mechanical power transmission mainly used in a motorcycle. Let us check some advantages of a chain drive in this article. 

Advantages of a chain drive :

  • Positive and non-slip drive.
  • Efficiency is high for a shorter distance.
  • It is used generally up to 3 meters but some special cases it is up to 8 to 10 meters also.
  • Permits high-velocity ratio up to 8:1 because of no-slip takes place in this drive.
  • Transmit more power than belt drive.
  • Maintenance is low.
  • Chains are made up by metal so chain occupies lesser space than belt drive and rope drive.
  • It permits higher speed ratio of 8 to 10 in one step.
  • It can be operated under any atmospheric conditions.
  • It has the ability to transmit motion to various shafts by only one chain.
  • Easy to install and repair.
  • Good service life.
  • Lesser loads are put on the shafts.