21 May 2017

Laser beam welding application

Application of laser beam welding :

  • Used in aerospace and automotive applications for welding a high-strength aluminium alloys and titanium alloys.
  • Used in welding a magnesium alloys parts.
  • Welding of non-porous seams in medical technology.
  • Precision spot welding in electronics or jewellery industries.
  • To welding complete car bodies in the automobile industries.
  • To deposit welding in tool and mould-making.
  • Pressed components to hydroformed tubes or extrusions.
  • Production of node structures in aluminium alloy castings or extrusions.
  • Production of stiffened structures consisting of the welded sheet.
  • Recent advancements in scanner optical configurations, scanner controls, and real-time interfaces to optical sensors are also application of laser beam welding.