13 June 2017

Belt drive vs Chain drive

Chain and belt drive are both allow locomotive and a transfer of power within a particular piece of machinery. Both are used in many vehicles and other mechanical applications like garage doors. Now we will discuss the difference between both two drive and what is more effective?

Difference between belt drive and chain drive :

  • A chain drive is driven by a chain loop while a belt drive is driven by a belt.
  • A chain drive is made of a metal which makes them more durable and stronger as compared to belt while belt drive is made of synthetic material.
  • A chain can transmit more power and last longer, but typically a belt is quieter.
  • A belt drive gives you lower power transmission efficiency than a chain drive because it will allow higher levels of misalignment between sprockets. Belts are a little more elastic, so they can run tighter to eliminate play or backslash.
  • Replacement of belt is very easy and cheap so it needs little maintenance and has only three moving parts called belt and two pulleys whereas the chain literally consists of hundreds of pieces, side plates, rivets, bushes and rollers.
  • A chain drive is comparatively efficient than belts.
  • If you are using a chain drive in a coastal area with lots of salt in the air, take care of that chain drive. Clean it and keep it lubricated or you will get corrosion which always takes strength away over time which will make you upset.

Conclusion :

The main advantage of a belt is expansion due to a temperature which is minimal and is capable of slipping and also can be used as a safety device. The sounds generated by the belt is minimal so tape recorders use belts. It can absorb vibrations and it is less noisy. It has to be bulkier than a chain to have the same strength so chains are used in some places and belts in other places depending on the desired requirement. There are many different varieties of belts than chains to suit their needs. You can use depending on your requirement.