12 June 2017

Belt drive vs Gear drive

A belt drive is a system of connecting to wheels by a belt whereas gear drive is two gear is connected with each other as corresponding to both teeth are connect interconnected. Now we will discuss the difference between both two drive and what is more effective?

Difference between belt drive and gear drive :

  • Belt drive has lesser life as compared to that of the gear drive.
  • Belt drive requires more maintenance as compared to gear drive but maintenance cost if less in belt drive.  
  • Belt drive system does not require lubrication while in case of gear drive required lubrication on a regular interval.
  • Safety is less in belt drive as compared to the gear drive.
  • A belt drive is quieter in operation than that of the gear drive.
  • A belt drive is less efficient than gear drive due to more frictional loss. 
  • In a belt-drive, there exists some slip between the two pulleys while transmitting power However, in gears the slip does not occur as it is a positive drive. 
  • Gear drive is having higher transmission efficiency than belt drive.
  • Higher speeds efficiency of belt drive is very low as compared with gear drive.

Conclusion :

  • If you want a quiet vibration operation then you choose belt drives and if an operation requires ruggedness and efficiency then go for gear drives. 
  • For shorter distances, gear drives are best and longer distances belt drives.
  • To gain higher torque and power gear drive is used.