31 July 2017

Types of slotting machine

There are mainly two types of slotting machine :
  • Puncher slotter
  • Precision slotter 
Puncher slotter :

It is a heavy, rigid machine designed for removal of a large amount of metal from large forging or casting. 

The length of puncher slotter is large it may be as long as 1800 to 2000 mm. 

In this machine puncher slotter, ram is usually driven by a spiral pinion meshing with the rack teeth cut on the underside of ram. The pinion is driven by a variable speed reversible electric motor similar to that of a planer. 

In this machine, feed is also controlled by electrical gear. 

Precision slotter :

It is a lighter machine and is operated at high speeds.

This machine is designed to take light cuts giving an accurate finish. 

By using special jigs, the machine can handle a number of identical works on a production basis. 

This machine is also used for general-purpose work and is usually fitted with a whitworth quick return mechanism.