31 July 2017

Slotting machine parts

In this article you can see some different parts of a slotting machine which are following below :
  • Base 
  • Column 
  • Saddle 
  • Cross-slide 
  • Rotating table 
  • Ram and tool head assembly 
  • Ram drive mechanism 
  • Feed mechanism 
Now we can see parts in details :

Slotting machine
Base or bed :

The base is rigidly built to take up all the cutting forces and the entire load of the machine. 

It is the key parts of the machine that made from cast iron. 

The top of the bed is accurately finished to provide guideways on which the saddle is mounted. The guideways are perpendicular to the column face. 

Column : 

The column is the vertical member which is made up of cast iron. 

The column is assembled with the base and houses driving mechanism of the ram and feeding mechanism. 

The vertical front face of the column is accurately finished for providing ways in which the ram reciprocates up and down. 

Saddle :

The saddle is mounted upon the guideways and may be moved towards or away from the column either by power or manual control to supply longitudinal feed to the work. 

The top face of the saddle is accurately finished to provide guidance for the cross-slide. These guideways are perpendicular to the guideways on the base. 

Cross-slide : 

The cross slide is mounted upon the guideways of the saddle and maybe moved parallel to the base of the column.

The movement of the slide may be controlled either by hand or power to supply crossfeed. 

The circular worktable is mounted on the top of the cross-slide.  

Handwheels :

It is provided for rotating the table for the longitudinal and cross traverse.

Rotary table : 

The rotary table is a circular table which is mounted on the top of the cross slide. 

The table may be rotated by rotating a worm which meshes with a worm gear connected to the underside of the table. 

The rotation of the table may be affected either by hand or power. 

The rotary table enables a circular or contoured surface to be generated on the work piece. 

Ram and tool head assembly : 

The run is a reciprocating member of the machine mounted on the guideways of the column. 

It supports the tools at its bottom end on a tool head. 

A Slot is cut on the body of the ram for changing the position of the stock. 

In some mechanism, a special type of tool holders is provided to relieve the tool during the return stroke. 

Ram drive mechanism : 

A slotter removes metal during downward cutting stroke only whereas during upward return stroke no metal is removed. 

The usual types of ram drive mechanisms are :
  • Whitworth quick return mechanism
  • Variable speed reversible motor drive mechanism
  • Hydraulic drive mechanism