8 December 2017

Applications of friction welding

The quality of weld obtained is very high so that the friction welding has been widely accepted in the aerospace industry as well as the automobile industry for the welding of critical parts. 

It is frequently being used instead of upset welding applications where one of the components to be joined has axial symmetry.

Applications of friction welding :

  • The main applications of this process are welding of studs to plates of any thickness. 
  • For welding of tubes and shafts. 
  • Gears, axle tube, valves, driveline all these components of automobile industries are made by this process. 
  • It is used to replace forging or casting assembly.
  • Hydraulic piston rod, truck roller bushes are also joined by this process.
  • It is also used in electrical industries for welding copper and aluminium equipment. 
  • Gear levers, drill bits connecting rod also a made by this process. 
  • Almost any metal that can be hot forged and is unsuitable for a dry bearing application can be friction welded. 
  • Production of marine engine valves, the valves so produced are as good as or superior to those produced by forging.