5 February 2018

Hunting of governor | Definition | Process

Definition of hunting of governor:

You know that the function of the governor is to keep the speed constant so the hunting of a governor is the condition in which the speed of the engine can fluctuate continuously above and below the mean speed and which are controlled by the governor.

In other words, hunting is said to occur in a governor when it is not able to find a stable position for a change in load at a new value of speed and oscillates around it due to the tendency of balls and sleeve to restore original speed and inertia effect leading to an overshoot of the desired position.

Process of hunting:

The sensitiveness of a governor and the hunting of a governor both are desirable qualities. If a governor is too sensitive, it may fluctuate continuously, because when the load on the engine falls, the sleeve rises rapidly to a maximum position. This shuts off the fuel supply to the extent of effect a sudden fall in speed. As the speed falls below the mean value, the sleeve again moves rapidly and falls to a minimum position to increase the fuel supply. The speed subsequently rises and becomes more than the average with the result that the sleeve again rises to reduce the fuel supply. This process is continuing and it is known as hunting of the governor. 

Hunting is directly proportional to sensitiveness. If more sensitive the governor, more is the hunting.