17 March 2018

Electronically controlled diesel injection system

There are different versions of electronically controlled diesel injection system :
  1. Electronically controlled injection pumps 
  2. Electronically controlled unit injectors 
  3. Common rail fuel injection system 
These systems use the following parameters as inputs:
  1. Engine speed
  2. Crankshaft position 
  3. Intake air temperature 
  4. Accelerator pedal position 
  5. Lubricating oil temperature 
  6. Ambient air temperature 
  7. Turbocharger boost pressure 
  8. Intake air mass flow rate 
The parameters which can significantly affect the performance of the engine :
  • The frequency of injection depends on the engine speed and number of cylinders.
  • The timing of injection has to be advanced as the speed increases. 
  • The accelerator pedal position indicates the load on the engine. 
  • Intake air temperature and pressure indicates atmospheric conditions based on which the injection quantity and timing may have to be altered.
  • The lubricating oil and coolant temperatures indicate the engine condition.