22 March 2018

What is MPFI system

The MPFI system can be divided into three types :
  1. Electronic control system 
  2. Fuel system 
  3. Air induction system  
Before you discuss the MPFI system, first of all, you should know the MPFI full form.

What is MPFI electronic control system?

In the MPFI electronic control system the sensors that monitor intake air temperature, oxygen, water temperature, the starter signal and the throttle position send signals to the ECU. The airflow sensor sends signals to the ECU related to the intake air volume. The ignition sensor sends information about engine speed. 

The ECU processes all these signals and sends appropriate commands to the injectors, to control the volume of the fuel for injection. When the cold start injector timing switch off the ECU operates the cold start injector which is a part of the fuel system.

MPFI system

What is a multi-point fuel injection system?

In the MPFI fuel system, the fuel is supplied by the fuel pump. At the time of starting, the cold start injector is operated by the cold start injector time switch. The cold start injector injects fuel into the air intake chamber so that the enriching the air-fuel mixture. The pressure regulator regulates the pressure of the fuel. The injector receives signals from the ECU and injects the fuel into the intake manifold. 

What is MPFI air induction system?

The MPFI air induction system the air cleaner, the air-flow meter, the throttle body and the air valve supply a proper amount of air to the air intake chamber and intake manifold. The quantity of air supplied is just what is necessary for complete combustion.