22 March 2018

Electronic diesel injection system

In order to meet the requirement of proper emission and other norms put a large stress on a fuel injection system of a diesel engine. All the parameters related to the injection process like injection timing, rate of injection, the quantity of injected fuel and end of injection. So this control is difficult with conventional mechanical systems. Hence, different types of injection systems with electronic controls have been developed that are following below :

Electronic fuel injection control of the following characteristics :
  • Injection timing
  • Fuel injection quantity
  • Injection rate during various stages of injection
  • Injection pressure during injection 
  • Nozzle opening speed
  • Pilot injection timing and its quantity
By the use of these following parameters are easy to obtain :
  • Very high injection pressure 
  • Sharp start and stop of injection 
  • Cylinder cut off 
  • Diagnostic capability
  • Turbocharger control 
  • Two-stage injection 
By using this electronic diesel injection system the amount of fuel taking part in the premixed of the uncontrolled combustion phase is minimized and this leads to a reduction in noise as well as NOx levels.