23 March 2018

Limitation of battery ignition system

In the battery ignition system, the battery is necessary for the ignition so when the battery is discharged it becomes difficult to start the engine. So now let us check out the information on limitations of the battery ignition system to know more about it. 

Limitations of battery ignition system : 

  • The current switching capability of the breaker system: As the engine speed increases the primary voltage decreases.
  • Dwell period becoming shorter: Time available for a build-up of the current in the primary coil and the stored energy decreases as the engine speed increases. 
  • High source impedance: The system is sensitive to side-tracking across the spark plug insulator. 
  • Wear: The breaker points are continuously subjected to electrical as well as mechanical wear so frequent maintenance required. 
  • As a current increases a rapid reduction in breaker point life and system reliability. 
  • Acceptable life for these systems is obtained with a primary current limited to about 4 amperes.