8 September 2018

Types of brakes

There are different types of automotive brakes may be used according to the following considerations :
  • Purpose
  • Location 
  • Construction 
  • Method of actuation 
  • Extra braking effort 
According to purpose : 

From this point of view, the brakes may be classified as the service or the primary and the parking or secondary brakes. The service brakes are the main brakes used for stopping the vehicle while vehicle in motion whereas the parking brakes are meant to hold the vehicle on the slop. 

According to the location : 

From this point of view, the brakes may be located either at the transmission or at the wheels. The wheel brakes are definitely better from dissipation point of view on account of two reasons. First, the location of transmission brakes from this viewpoint is very poor and secondary there is only one brake drum, whereas in the case of wheel brakes we may have four brake drums. Second, in case of transmission brakes, the whole of the braking torque has to be transmitted through the universal joints, propeller shaft, differential and the rear axle, suitable provision must be made in their design and their sizes increased proportionally.
However, if the brakes are located on the transmission, the braking torque is equally divided automatically between the two wheels and no special compensation is needed. Further because of the reduction at the differential, the transmission brakes would be stronger than the brakes of similar capacity at the wheels. 

Consideration the case of automobiles, the wheel brakes are used universally. 

According to construction : 

From this point of view brakes divided into two categories: One is drum brakes and another one is disc brakes. 

According to actuation : 

From this point of view brakes divided into following types : 
  • Mechanical brakes 
  • Hydraulic brakes 
  • Electric brakes 
  • Vacuum brakes 
  • Air brakes 
According to the extra braking effort : 

When the weight of the vehicle is more that time driver can not apply the brakes comfortably without fatigue his effort is supplemented with some source of energy which makes the application of brakes easier. This types of brakes are called servo-brakes or power-assisted brakes.