9 August 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of automated manual transmission

The automated manual transmission is also known as a semi-automatic transmission is not fully automatic or clutch-less transmission. This type of transmission mechanism involves the use of two key parts such as a hydraulic actuator system and an electronic control unit that engages and disengages the clutch while executing gear shifts. It is just the same as a kit that can be added to any regular manual transmission thus car makers use it on some low-cost cars because this type of transmission is very cost-effective and is relatively cheaper than the other auto transmission. Let us have a deep insight into the pros and cons of an automated manual transmission. 

Advantages of automated manual transmission : 

  • Low maintenance.
  • Great mileage.
  • Fuel efficiency is close to their similar cars.
  • Cheaper than a conventional fully automatic gearbox.

Disadvantages of automated manual transmission : 

  • It is not best while driving on hills or on a slope. 
  • No smoothness like an automatic car. 
  • Jerky shifts if you drive aggressively.
  • Who wants a pure automatic car experience, not for enthusiasts. 

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