29 November 2019

Difference between air filter and cabin filter

Both air filters and cabin filters purify the air but their purpose is slightly different. The air filter cleans the air that flowing to the engine while cabin filter decontaminate air coming into the cockpit. It's important to recognize the distinction between these two filters so in this article you can check it out some difference between the air filter and cabin filter. 

Difference between the air filter and cabin filter : 

  • The air filter is often a performance upgrade, while the cabin air filter is more of a health and safety concern. 
  • The air filter is located in the engine bay under the hood inside a sealed box and is one of the important components of the engine whereas the cabin filter is located behind the glove compartment, under the dash and under the hood. 
  • The air filter prevents dirty air from getting into the engine while cabin air filter blocks dirty air from getting inside the cabin. 
  • Some old vehicle with carburettors has a big metal air filter that located in a round, bulky case made of plastic or metal whereas some vehicles have the air filter installed inside the HVAC case between the blower motor and evaporator core. 
  • The air filter prevents the bugs, dirt, debris and contaminants from entering the delicate system of an engine and allows the only pure air in and the cabin air filter blocks all the airborne allergens and other pollutants from entering the ventilation system of the vehicle. 
  • If the air filter is not replaced and allowed to block up, it can increase fuel consumption and place additional strain on the engine and driveline components whereas failure to replace the cabin air filter may cause a musty smell to emanate through the air conditioning system, and make car trips unpleasant, especially on hot days.
  • Due to a bad or clogged air filter, the turbo life of vehicle gets minimized whereas cabin filter only passes to clean air to the vehicle. 

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