30 November 2019

Types of air filter

The air filtration manufacturer has seen its share of changes over the last decade. They have created new products that not only have improved indoor air quality but also have reduced the cost of installation. When the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning engineers introduced IAQ standards for an air filter. Among these several types of air filters are common in common HVAC systems. 

Different types of air filter: 

Fibreglass filter: This is the most common type of air filter. Layered fibreglass fibres are laid over each other to form the filter media and reinforced with metal supports to prevent failure. 

Polyester and pleated filter: This filter is similar to fibreglass filters but typically have a higher resistance to airflow and a superior dust stopping ability. 

Washable air filter: This filter is not common and relies on the build-up of dust along the clothes to improve the efficiency of a filter. 

High-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter: Air passing through this filter at a very fine scale. The US department of energy (DOE) use this filter that meets standards. 

Carbon air filter: Carbon can be treated with oxygen, which opens the carbon's pores making it highly absorbent. It uses activated carbon to trap chemicals and gases, and can also filter cigarette smoke. These activated carbon air filters are well suited to an environment where chemical must be removed from the air. 

UV light air filter: This filter use reaction that occurs when titanium dioxide is exposed to UV light. As the air stream encounters the photochemical process, harmful particles, such as mould and bacteria, are neutralized. 

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