3 December 2019

Mechanical Vs Hydraulic disc brake | Difference between mechanical and hydraulic disc brake

The function of both braking systems are the same but there is a lot of difference between these two brakes. Mechanical disc brake also known as cable-actuated brakes rely on a braided steel cable to activate the piston that causes the compression of brake pad against the rotor when the brake lever is pulled. Hydraulic disc brake used hydro or rather fluid uses a sealed fluid-filler system as a means of actuation. Let us have a deep insight into the difference between these two braking systems. 

Difference between mechanical and hydraulic brake : 

  • A mechanical disc brake uses cables as a braking medium whereas hydraulic disc brake uses the fluid as a braking medium. 
  • The mechanical disc brake is heavier in weight as compared to hydraulic disc brake. 
  • A mechanical disc brake is less sensitive, requires more force to come to a stop and the hydraulic disc brake is more sensitive and efficient. 
  • Maintainance is frequent in mechanical disc brake whereas hydraulic brake is the maintenance free. 
  • Adjustment of brakes is easy in mechanical braking while complex in hydraulic braking.
  • The hydraulic disc brake is expensive as compared to mechanical disc brake. 
  • Hydraulic brakes give better performance for the same size rotor, but mechanical brakes are good enough if you are using a bigger rotor and set them up correctly.