7 December 2019

Difference between watt governor and proell governor

The function of the governor is to regulate the speed of an engine when there are variations in the load. For example, when the load increases, it becomes necessary to increase the supply of working fluid and when the load decreases, less working fuel is required. Let us have a deep insight into the difference between watt governor and proell governor in this article. 

Difference between Watt and Proell Governor : 

  • Watt governor is the simplest form of a centrifugal governor basically a conical pendulum with links attached to a sleeve of negligible weight and the proell governor has the balls fixed at the endpoint to the extension of the links. 
  • Watt governor is pendulum-type while the proell governor is dead-weight loaded type governor. 
  • The arm of watt governor may be connected to the spindle by two way, the pivot may be on the spindle axis, and pivot may be offset from the spindle axis but arms intersect while in proell governor the balls are fixed. 
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