7 December 2019

Proell governor | Construction | Working | Equation of height

A porter governor is known as a proell governor is the two balls are fixed on the upward extensions of the lower links which are in the form of bent links BAE and CDF as shown in the figure below. 

Proell governor

Now, considering the equilibrium of the link BAE which is under the action of following characteristics. 

  • The weight of the ball, mg
  • The tension in the link AO
  • The horizontal reaction of the sleeve
  • The weight of sleeve and friction 1/2 (mg+f) or 1/2 (mg-f)
  • The centrifugal force, mr’αΎ 2 
I is the instantaneous centre of the link BAE and take moments about I to find out the height relation for proell governor. 

N2 = 895×a/h×e [ 2mg + ( mg + or – f ) ( 1+k) / 2mg ]