11 June 2020

Difference between galvanizing and electroplating

Some information on galvanizing and electroplating and their difference are discussed in this article. So now, first of all, we can check out the definition of both processes. Let us check out the difference between galvanizing and electroplating to know more about it. 

What is galvanizing?

The process of applying a coating of zinc to steel to protect it against corrosion is called galvanizing. The entire process is done through immersion of a steel product into a bath of molten zinc. 

What is electroplating?

The process of coating a metal with a thin layer of another metal by electrolysis to protect metal against corrosion is called electroplating. Electroplating is also known as electrodeposition. 

The main key difference between galvanizing and electroplating is given below. 

Galvanizing Vs Electroplating: 

  • Galvanizing is specific coating of zinc whereas electroplating is various options of metal for coating. 
  • Galvanizing is done just by dunking steel into molten zinc so no electricity is required while electroplating requires electric current.