7 February 2020

Difference between anodic and cathodic coating

Information on anodic and cathodic coating and their difference between them is given below in this article. Coatings are coating applied on metal to protect the metal and reduce the wear and tear. 

What is the anodic coating?

As we know the anodic coating is a type of coating material that uses anodizing to provide aluminum or any type of subtraction with increased thickness, color, and protection. This coating consists of the oxide film formed by electrolysis on metal, with the metal acting as an anode.

What is a cathodic coating?

While in the cathodic coating is a technique that reduces the corrosion of a metal surface by making that entire structure of the cathode of an electrochemical cell- that is the derivation of the term. This is typically accomplished by discharging current from an external anode so that the current flow through the electrolyte to the original anodic sites on the surface of the structure, rather than the aways from it.

The cathodic coating often classified and also known as electrophoretic deposition, e-coating, electrocoating, cathodic electrodeposition, anodic electrodeposition, electrophoretic coating, and electrophoretic painting. 

The main key difference between anodic and cathodic metal coating is given below. 

  • Anodic means positively charged conductor and cathodic means negatively charged conductor.
  • In anodic coating the base metal is coated with metal which is anodic to it, it is called an anodic coating while in if the base metal is coated with metal which is cathodic to it, such a phenomenon is called as a cathodic coating.
  • anodic coating, it protects the base metal from corrosion while in cathodic coating prevents the metal from getting corroded.
  • Anodic coating failure of this coating causes the formation of galvanic cells while in cathodic coating loses its strength, it causes imbalanced cathode and anode and causes corrosion at a severe rate.
  • The well-known example of anodic coating is the coating of zinc on iron while the cathodic metal coating is coating tin on iron.