11 July 2020

Advantages and disadvantages of LPG

Most of the uses of LPG as fuel at present in domestic and industrial purposes. However, it is also used in the automobile sector as fuel. Let us check some of the advantages and disadvantages of LPG are as follows. Also, you can check out the advantages and disadvantages of LPG cars to know more about it.

Advantages of LPG: 

  1. LPG is non-toxic and non-corrosive in nature. 
  2. Possesses good anti-knocking characteristics. 
  3. LPG can be mix with air at any temperature. 
  4. It has a high octane rating thus it burns cleaner than gasoline. 
  5. LPG does not produce harmful emissions like CO, NO, and higher hydrocarbons. Because LPG contains less content of carbon than gasoline. 
  6. LPG used as fuel in vapor form, therefore, there is no chance of crankcase dilution. 
  7. A uniform mixture of air and fuel can be delivered to the cylinder.
  8. Frequent cleaning of the combustion chamber is not required because particulate emissions are less in LPG. 
  9. There is no carbon deposit on the electrode of the spark plug. Thus, increase the life of sparkplug. 
  10. High thermal efficiency due to the high octane rating. 
  11. The longer engine life than gasoline engine due to less wear on the engine. 
  12. Less vibration, less noise as compared with the diesel engines. 
  13. LPG provides uniform calorific value. Thus, high combustion efficiency. 
  14. LPG running vehicles result in a 10% increase in consumption compared with gasoline. 

Disadvantages of LPG: 

  1. LPG requires a special fuel system for a car. 
  2. The storage tank is heavy thus increase the weight of the car. 
  3. LPG is inflammable gas thus it is hazardous. 
  4. It causes suffocation if leakage because it is heavier than air. 
  5. LPG has low energy density thus it consumes more. 
  6. LPG is costlier than CNG. 
  7. Ignition temperature of LPG is higher than gasoline. 
  8. LPG engine starting trouble at low temperatures because of low vapour pressure. 
  9. It is difficult to provide sufficient power to vehicles in mountains or rough terrains. 
  10. It reduces volumetric efficiency due to the high heat of vaporization. 
  11. LPG is odorless therefore, leakage cannot be easily detected. 

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